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Let The Caffeinated Career supercharge your career.

Take your daily grind from sluggish to super charged. We are here to help you find the right career path, job opportunity, or professional message to get you to your next level. We have just the right blend of services to caffeinate your career.

Our services

Resumes & Cover Letters

Make sure your first impression doesn't miss the mark. We energize your introduction with a turbo boosted presentation that perks up professional interest in you.

Career Coaching

Super caffeinate your career to hurdle over the obstacles and speed by the pitfalls that have been keeping you stuck. Together we'll create a plan to course correct your career.

Interview Prep

Interviews are intimidating, especially when you aren’t prepared. Go into your next interview knowing you're the right person for the job. Our process will leave you with a jolt of confidence.

LinkedIn Boost

97% of employers using LinkedIn; we will revise your LinkedIn profile to create a clear, consistent professional brand that extends the reach of your resume and cover letter and percolates buzz.

Professional Bios

Highlighting your professional brand, your bio will provide a clear, concise answer to the questions "who are you and why should anyone care?" The narrative is crafted to your character.


Professional Documents

Work One-on-One

You will speak with a professional writer, who will listen attentively to your experience to gain an in-depth understanding of your skills, talents and career goals.

Develop Professional Story

The professional writer will craft your custom resume, bio, and/or LinkedIn profile that defines your professional brand and represents you as a unique individual.

Document Delivery

You will receive documents tailored to your needs and goals. The entire process takes between two and five business days from start to finish. We guarantee you will be ready to use your professional documents immediately.

Career Coaching & Interview Prep

Tailored Consultations

You will speak with a professional career coach, who will listen attentively to your experience to gain an in-depth understanding of who you are as a professional and where you want to go.

Custom Career Roadmap

Your career coach will prepare a custom playbook in helping you address the obstacles between you and your professional goals, providing actionable feedback to make measureable progress.

Ongoing Support

We provide tailored service packages to ensure you get the support you need, whether it's prep for the upcoming interview next week, a series of coaching sessions or a quick question about job hunting. We're here when you need us.

What our clients say

"Kate turns resume writing into an art form. Through a single conversation of incisive questions and empathic listening, Kate was able to reshape my resume into the story of my passions and professions. Her attention to detail is as discerning as any storyteller. I am so grateful for my time with Kate."​

Cate Yu
Arts Director & Playwright

"I contacted Ms. Stephenson to update and refine my resume. She was a pleasure to work with - very intuitive, personable and professional. I was very pleased with both the end result and how quickly it was delivered. I highly recommend!"​

Jonathan Acheson
Nonprofit Director

"Extremely impressed with the level of quality and professionalism. She took the time to ask targeted questions to personalize the experience with my resume and branding."

Mike Scott
Manager | Educator | Actor


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