Professional Bios

Establish Your Professional Brand

A well-crafted bio elevates your expertise into a recognizable trademark.

Why Do You Need A Bio?

Who are you and why do we care? It’s a harsh question but it’s what people want to know before they give you a job, project or their time. A professional bio is the perfect way to provide a clear, concise answer. Defining your professional brand, revealing your personality, and highlighting your achievements, a bio tells your story the way you want it heard. They range in length from one sentence to over 1,000 words, but the primary purpose is the same–to tell people exactly what you are about and get them excited about knowing you.

What Kind of Bio?

Your purpose will determine the kind of bio you need. Short bios are found as social media profile summaries, about the author/contributor blurbs, resume professional statements, and the “About Me” page of your website. Longer bios may be appropriate for media or speaking introductions, project or career networking, and for publishing and academia consideration. The purpose of a bio is to lend credibility and illustrate expertise. Therefore, the bio should be appropriate to the opportunity.

We offer three bios according to need:

  • Professional Highlights – a one-paragraph bio that captures your professional personality in about 100 words or less. Perfect for your LinkedIn Profile or web site blurb.
  • Career Summary – a half-page overview of your career and the specific accomplishments that define your professional brand. Useful for use on the organizational About Us /Meet the Team page, as a Speaker’s introduction, or as Author’s About section. 
  • Career and Executive Narratives – a full page detailing the breadth and depth of your professional journey, defining your professional brand, expertise and influence in your industry. As an introduction, this can be a welcome inclusion in your Portfolio or Press Release and an appropriate alternative to a Cover Letter.
"Kate... has an intuitive approach to her work... I interviewed 6 writers (1 in Canada, 5 in the US) before talking with Kate. I decided to go with Kate for 3 reasons: 1. Her high-quality of work is worth more than its cost. 2. She leaves nothing on the table, she is going to write it out and in a timely manner; without delay. 3. Her interview for my bio write-up was so thoughtful... she aspires to capture your story and her writing technique is so good that whatever your story her writing adapts. Just know, if you work with Kate she is going to nail it!"
Erica L. Gonzales
Realty Expert