Perk Up Your Career

The ever-evolving work landscape is proving that old saying “the only thing constant is change.”

That may at first sound like negative news, but it isn’t. There is more opportunity today than ever before. And it knocks on your door every day. You just have to let opportunity in! That takes positive energy.

The Caffeinated Career is here to help you perk up to the possibilities. We have created this space for job seekers and professionals who want to take their daily grind from sluggish to super charged. We can help you identify opportunities, realistically assess your assets, and evaluate your options to find the best career path for you. Get percolating!



A Message from the Founder

“Using words and narrative to birth dreams and possibilities…”

If I had a dime for every time one of my Career Services clients told me they were tired of their job or exhausted in their career, I’d be rich from that alone. Over a decade of working with professionals in career transition has taught me that unhappiness is an energy drain. In that lesson, The Caffeinated Career was born.

I launched The Caffeinated Career to engage and energize job seekers in all stages of their careers. When searching for a new position, the biggest challenge facing job seekers was overcoming the inertia of their current jobs. That lack of energy permeated through their resumes, making them lifeless as stones that sink to the bottom of the pool. Working with clients to reinvigorate their professional enthusiasm and awaken their sense of self has proven a powerful antidote to career lethargy. The process gives clients a needed boost and a clearer sense of professional value to approach the job search with realistic optimism. With renewed positivity, these job seekers feel empowered to enter the applicant pool with the confidence to swim to the top.

We are here to help you find the right career path, job opportunity, or professional message to get you to your next level.  Like all of the Ladybug Brands, The Caffeinated Career is founded on the principal of personalized, one-on-one, client support. We offer tailored services and custom solutions to meet our clients specific needs.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

~ Kate E. Stephenson





About the Founder, Kate E. Stephenson

Bringing a synthesis of her skills as a holistic life coach, consultant, editor and writer, Ms. Stephenson has developed The Caffeinated Career service line for over 20 years. Her work reflects her belief in the power of words and narrative. She grew up with the understanding that anything is possible: you can speak the life you want into existence and you can create the world you want to live in.

Remember 2008? The year after the U.S. financial bubble burst. For the next five years, that great recession held many Americans financially and professionally hostage. The job market, while always competitive, was fierce and obviously rigged against the average worker. It was in this employment environment that Ms. Stephenson cut her resume writing teeth and built her business. She dedicated herself to helping her clients overcome both the logical and the absolutely absurd obstacles between them and employment or advancement.

Over the last decade, Ms. Stephenson has assisted professionals in every stage of their careers, from entry-level to executive, approaching each client as a human being and each job search as an opportunity. Her expertise lies in her storytelling. Deftly listening to her clients to understand their life journey and career path, Ms. Stephenson crafts professional narratives that spark employer interest. As a natural part of this process, Kate guides individuals in defining their dreams and setting achievable goals to bring those dreams to fruition.

Kate’s family instilled the belief that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. She has built her philosophy as a career coach on this principle. A career is about more than just making money–it’s about fulfillment. Kate believes that life is a contact sport, and in every sport, there are coaches to help you call the right plays and help you win. Ms. Stephenson helps individuals carefully consider and answer the question, “If you could do anything, what would would it be?”



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